Friday, December 15, 2017


Bryant School was named for William Cullen Bryant, the famous American poet and influential newspaper editor.

The original building was constructed in 1912 at a cost of $53,600. C.T. Beardsley, the architect and builder, designed an eight room fireproof building for 509 students. Four additional classrooms were added in 1915.

In 1987, plans to renovate Bryant School began, however construction did not start until the fall of 1995. DeCarlo and Doll, Inc. were selected as the architects. Parents, staff, and administrators worked closely with the architects to design the building. Two additions were added to create space for eight new classrooms as well as rooms for the library/media center, art, music, reading lab, math lab, ESL, and learning center. Plans also included a state of the art kitchen/cafeteria, multi-purpose room for physical education, and offices for support staff.

On August 26, 1997, the new Bryant School reopened with 560 students from Pre-kindergarten through sixth grade.

Bryant School has had a wonderful staff and faculty in its 102 year history. Miss Anna Rickard served as the first principal for an amazing 43 years, from 1912 until her retirement in 1954. Bryant School principals include:

  • Miss Helena Gayle 1954-1964 
  • Miss Edith Ahronson 1964-1976 
  • Miss Helen Pitzko  1976-1988 
  • Mr. Lawrence Menta 1988-1989
  • Mr. William Quintana 1989-2003
  • Mrs. Milagros Vizcarrondo 2003-2005 
  • Mrs. Audrey Skoda  2005 -2008  
  • Mrs. G.D. Walker-Jones 2008-2013
  • Ms. Victoria Egri 2013-present