Tuesday, November 21, 2017


The Bridgeport Public School System opened its Multicultural Magnet School in September of 1980.

What is the Multicultural Magnet School?

The Multicultural Magnet School is a Kindergarten through Grade 8 school that provides the benefits of a multicultural environment. While promoting excellence in all academic areas, Multicultural Magnet places special emphasis on the acquisition of a second language, Spanish or Portuguese. The school program encourages students to go beyond traditional textbook lessons, and explore various cultural heritages through activities such as art, music, dance, and ethnic holiday celebrations while stressing the importance of social studies and geography skills.

What makes Multicultural Magnet School unique?

  • Multiculturalism means students become aware of other cultures and customs while appreciating their own through a monthly schoolwide theme.
  • An experienced teaching staff, well trained to meet the specific needs of the diverse student population.
  • All Day Kindergarten
  • Fine arts program which includes band, string orchestra, chorus, music and art appreciation.
  • Second Language program teaches all students a second language, Spanish or Portuguese, from grades K - 8.
  • Number one in attendance throughout the city in a consistent basis including annual prize.
  • Computer Literacy classes in our computer lab for grades K-8.
  • Computers in the classrooms as well for student and teacher integration of technology in their daily lessons.
  • One of the top scoring schools in Bridgeport on standarized test results.
  • Entrance Criteria
  • Entrance is by application only
  • Applications may be obtained from City Hall Room 317 or www.bridgeportedu.net during the end of January to the beginning of March
  • Applications will be reviewed to determine if the student will be able to benefit from the program.
  • All candidates are notified by mail regarding the results.
  • Final selection of students who have met the entrance criteria is determined by public lottery held at the school in the Spring.
  • Parents are welcome to attend. Please see our :"Applying to our School" link for more information on the left hand corner