Monday, December 11, 2017


Cesar A. Batalla School is a very unique neighborhood school due to its international flavor. Cesar Batalla School was dedicated on January 21, 2007, opening its door to students from both Elias Howe School and Howe Annex, as well as some classes from Curiale and Black Rock Schools.

We are a K - 8 school and in January 2007 opened a Pre-Kindergarten class. Cesar Batalla School is the only school in the city with a Dual Language Program. Currently our Dual Language Program begins in Kindergarten and students learn in both English and Spanish up to fifth grade. In sixth grade, students participate in World Languages instead.

We also house one of four Talented & Gifted Enrichment Programs in the city. Cesar Batalla School was the first to open its doors to a Bilingual T.A.G. Program. The program serves as the heart of the school, helping students not only to become academically successful but guiding them into leadership roles in the school and the community.

We were very proud of the wonderfully rich history we brought over from Elias Howe School. We are now creating an even richer and unique history in the city of Bridgeport. Having been named after one of our most beloved Latino leaders, Cesar A. Batalla, we look forward to keeping his life long dream of creating a school that is more than a building. Our biggest desire is to make Cesar A. Batalla School an integral part of the West End Community.