Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Welcome to Mrs. Austin's First Grade Class!! 2016 - 2017

                                                In this class

          We share, take turns, listen, love, say sorry,

            try our best,are respectful, smile,laugh,

             try new things,have fun, use manners,

               take care of others,speak kindly,

               laugh, do our best, help clean up,


       In First Grade our biggest focus is learning how to                                      READ.

      Please read with your child every night for 20 minutes.

       Go to "Helpful Hints to Improve Reading" to find the types of            questions to ask your child while reading together. Thank you!

                      OUR WEEKLY SPECIALS

                                         Monday - Gym  (sneakers)

                                        Tuesday - Computers

                                        Wednesday - Library

                                        Thursday - Art & Music

                                        Friday - Global Studies

                  First Grade Supply List

                           * 20 sharpened #2 pencils                                                                   * 2 boxes of crayons (at least 24)

                           * 20 erasers (they may be fun shapes)                                                     *  2 pairs of saftey scissors                     

                                  * 2 rolls of paper towels

                                  * 2 packages of baby wipes                                                                                 * 3 boxes of facial tissue

     Please send a healthy snack daily. Thank you !!