Monday, November 20th, 2017



  We have been very busy in Room 211. We are working with Bridgeport's core reading program, Harcourt Brace, which incorporates the district's comprehensive literacy plan. The students spend time reading in whole group settings (during Read Alouds and Shared Readings), small groups, partnered or paired (during Flexible Groups and/or Guided Reading), and alone during Independent Reading Time.

  The class has been working on narrative story structure used to complete timed and untimed district writing prompts. I am using Empowering Writers' techniques and strategies to help the students add more detail to their writing. In addition, we work on expository writing throughout the school year.

  In Math, we will be focusing on problem solving, and understanding multiplication and division. In Science, we have spent time in the Science Lab reviewing the Scientific Method.  In Grade 4, the major themes that we study during the year in Science are: Electricity, Magnetism, and Motion, The Water Cycle and Ecosystems.  The students will be working on individual Science Fair Projects that they will present in class in the spring.  The major Social Studies' themes are: Geography, History, Regional Studies, Economics and State History. We research the country of Japan and display our work during Family Be Our Guest Day in May. 

  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents and the staff at Park City Magnet School for all they do.  I truly appreciate your support.