Monday, November 20, 2017

Physical Education Happens Here!

Mrs. Alicea  


We first make our habits, then our habits make us.

Make it a habit now to exercise each and every day!


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Warren Harding High School Physical Education rules

All students must change into shorts, capris, or sweatpants; sneakers and a t-shirt.  Each time a student does not change and participate in PE a 0 will be given as the daily grade.  Grading will be as follows:

A= 1or 2 0's 

B=3 0's

C=4 0's

D=5 0's

F=6 or more 0's

If a student is prepared and participates in 10 consecutive PE classes then one  zero will be removed.

Six unexcused absences from class will result in an F for the marking period.

All students must report for second attendance at the end of class.  Failure to report will result in a cut from class. Three cuts will result in a failing grade.

All medical excuses must be signed by a doctor and given to the teacher and the school nurse.

Detention is 15 minutes after school and is assigned for the following reasons:

 - 3 or more times not prepared and participating in PE 

- tardy to class

-not reporting to second attendance

-use of profanity

-use of cell phones or earphones during class

No gum, candy, food or drinks are allowed in the gymnasium.

Each student is responsible for his or her own valuables.  Bring a lock to secure belongings in a locker in the PE locker room.  The lock must be removed at the end of each PE class.