This is Mr. Kinsley's class web page. Mr. Kinsley has been a teacher here at Blackham School for the past 14 years. Mr. Kinsley graduated from New Canaan High School in 1969, where he played on an undefeated State Championship football team. It was the first team in the history of the school to be undefeated. The town's people sent the team to Super Bowl III in Miami where Mr. Kinsley saw the NY Jets and Joe "Willy" Namath beat the Baltimore Colts. Mr. Kinsley graduated from Mount St. Mary's University in 1974 with a degree in History Education. He then went in the US Army and was Honorably Discharged in 1979. While in the Army, Mr. Kinsley met his wife at Ft. Bliss, in El Paso, Texas. They had a girl and a son while in the service. Upon his discharge he went to work as an asst. mgr of Friendly's on N. Main St. in Bridgeport. Mr. Kinsley then became a Police Officer in New Canaan and retired in 1993. While a police officer he had another son. Then Mr. Kinsley decided to go back to school and he recieived his Master's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Bridgeport. While at Blackham Middle School Mr. Kinsley has coached both the boys & girls basketball teams, and he started a Garden Club and for over a 7 year period he and his students planted all the trees and flowers around the school and inside the courtyard. He and the club members created the pond, with a waterfall and an arbor in the courtyard. Mr. Kinsley's daughter is married and lives in Austin, Texas and she has two boys, ages 9 & 7. They love baseball and love to ride their dirt bikes in motocross, as well as all-terrrain vehicles, out in the deserts of West Texas. His daughter is a Physical Therapist and runs her own Pediatric Therapy unit and her husband is a computer wiz. Mr. Kinsley's oldest son is married and lives in Boynton Beach, Florida. He works for Nestle's and he graduated from Wagner College with a degree in Business Management. He was a very good athlete in high school, playing football, basketball, track & volleyball. He was a wide receiver in college and set many records at Wagner College(on Staten Island)and was a two time All-American. He had a try out with the Dallas Cowboys, and then played Arena Football for a year. Mr. Kinsley's youngest son was a good athlete in high school, playing football, basketball and lacrosse. He was selected to the Coaches 1st Team All-State Defensive Line in his senior year. He played nose guard at Sacred Heart University for 4 years and was a big 345lbs. He made the Dean's list his last 3 marking periods and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. He is now down to about 265lbs. and is on the list for several area police departments. Mr. Kinsley's wife, of 30 years, works for the US Postal Service in New Canaan. She is originally from Pennsylvania, and was a track athlete in high school. Her brother was a high school All-American at running back and before attending Penn State, he played in an All-Star game with Joe Montana.


Mr Kinsley likes to ride his motorcycle. It's a 2003 Harley Davidson Road King (100th Anniversary issue). This picture was taken up in Rhode Island down by 2nd dBeach in Newport.


Mr. Kinsley at Mile Marker "Zero" in Key West, Florida this past summer.