Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Longfellow Remembers 9-11 ceremony began with the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem and then words from Ms. Silvestri, the associate principal. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a poet who lived and wrote in the 19th century, is the poet that our school is named after. Longfellow's spirit as a poet could be felt in the orginal poems written by Longfellow students as they remembered 9-11. In addition to the poetry readings, classes from kindergarten and grade 5 sang patriotic songs. Mr. John Bruno and Mr. Allen Dullivan made a presentation of an original poem commemorating 9-11 to Longfellow School. Both men represented local veteran organizations.


Students in grades 7 & 8 read original pieces of poetry. Class 209 composed a poem that was recited by one of the members of the class. Poetry Readings The Last Day They Stood - September 11 The Last day they stood, was an eye catching sight. The last day they stood, the night was filled with bright lights. The last day they stood, what a precious sight. The day they fell America's fright turned to night. Veronica I Remember 9-11-01 I was sitting in Ms. Charles class when my world which was so innocent became changed. I remember 9-11 The room became silent as I was informed that our country, for the first time, was under attack. I remember 9-11 Something was wrong, my father came to school in concern for my safety and brought me home. I remember 9-11 My father sat me down and explained to me what was happening. For the first time I saw fear in my strong father's eyes. I remember 9-11 I watched on the news Lady Liberty crying in New York Harbor as her twin brothers fell to the ground. I remember 9-11 I watched on TV Americans confused, looking for answers, looking for hope and looking for God! I remember 9-11 I watched our President, firemen and policemen and my country bond together as one strong family! I remember 9-11 Today, I am older, I am strong, I am wiser. Today my country is older, stronger and I hope more wiser! I remember 9-11 Sione In the Memory What is that they said? Why did they have to go? Each simple little memory Now passes by so slow. Since 9/11, thousands of people Felt pain and tears, and since 9/11 A lot children felt fear. That morning They awoke to start a brand new day But a cold-hearted terrorist took their Gift away The memories past in the settling dust We can still stay strong for in God We Trust. Tyquanda 9 - 11 Two identical man-made marvels stood the test. Where men and women worked with great success. Evil appeared and caused a tragic mess. Why didn't they sit down with us and discuss their problems at a desk? Taking parents and children who were at there best. Hard working American people taken forever, leaving families in distress. Now thousands lay to rest Tears will be shed by all who remember and are blessed. Room 209


More Poetry Readings A Prayer Was Said Alone a girl sits in her room, Her mind racing with feelings of impending doom, She knelt beside her bed to pray For all those souls gone to Heaven today. And as her eyes began to tear, Her heart was filled with sudden fear Would Daddy come home at all today? Would Mommy have enough time to play? Or were they killed in that terrorist's attack? Trying to come home, trying to come back. Suddenly now the phone does ring. Who could it be, of all things? Daddy's gone to heaven, and Mommy may be on her way, Why did that terrorist have to take these lives away? For somewhere a little girl knelt to pray, A Prayer was said for you today. Kariam New York's 9-11-01 Horror It was a normal day in New York. Everybody that worked at the Twin Towers was at work. Until, New York's 9-11-01 Horror. People ran, pushed and screamed, New York's 9-11-01 Horror. People died, people cried and people got injured. While some people slept, others waited. New York's 9-11-01 Horror. Some children came home happy and looking for parents. But their happiness turned to sadness. New York's 9-11-01 Horror. Some people have hopes for someone to come back, But that's not true New York's 9-11-01 Horror. Though their not there in flesh, they're in their hearts. It was New York's 9-11-01 Horror. To me it changed my life. New York's 9-11-01 Horror. I didn't know how good I had it. I thank God that I wasn't one of the hurt ones. I knew it was New York's 9-11-01 Horror. Katiria Remembering September 11, 2001 Not understanding why this happened to the one and only America. Remembering how America helps and cherishes us What happened on September 11, 2001 was the worst thing that happened. Then to sit down and hear that the terrorist was laughing. Listening, screaming, trying hold back our tears so we won't cry out loud. Having to understand why this happened when your just a child Seems like all you heard were cries. Now all you hear are people saying their good-byes Having to watch the buildings fall. Seeing not one but two planes that fly into a building that was so tall. Seeing two buildings collapse. Having to go on, though it will never pass To hold on for two years. It brought back happiness, but also tears Hearing those things you wouldn't believe. After this happened people have been gathering to make America achieve. We will never forget what the terrorists have done We remember what happened on September 11, 2001. Sione