It was a pleasure to see all of my parents at conferences this week.  Working together as a team with your children will greatly benefit them.  We are on out third anthology in readi

ng and continuing to work hard adding and subtracting in math.  As November will come to a close soon, I'd like to wish ALL  of my families a Peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving.  Mrs. Wilson

Welcome to a new year!  I hope everyone had a restful break.  The children are adjusting to being back at school.  I have seen academic growth in all of my students!  As the year continues so will the academic demands on your children.  I am begining to test the student's reading levels this month.  Also, Math lessons are becoming more detailed and I will start having the children attend Math Work Stations.  This will allow me to give individual attention to all student learning levels.  I am confident that in the next few weeks before our February break, all students will grow academically and socially.  Together we can make a difference in your child!

                       Fondly, Linda Wilson