Here at High Horizons Magnet we are fortunate to have available either choir, orchestra or band twice a week every week for the enriching of our students.  We work on solo assessments that are based on pitch and independence.  We also work on diagnosis and analysis of performances using proper terms, and listening exercises for the development of these skills. We take these skills and apply them to a couple pieces at a time in harmony and do warm ups that work on fine tuning the student's "instruments" by working on vocal technique.  Choir provides your young learner with physical and mental engagement through music reading and a better understanding of the body as an instrument, as well as a chance to work with their peers as a team towards a goal . . . such as the CHOIR CONCERT this DECEMBER 10th at 6 PM!!!  This is mandatory for all students in grades 5 - 8 as a grade!
      I look forward to working with your children!                 Sincerely, Miss Boden