Welcome to the JFK Library!  This is your library!!! 

We aim to provide a pleasurable experience when you visit.  The Library is set up with a full schedule of classes so that each class visits once per week.  The experience for K-4 is read alouds with expression and Readers' Theatre wherein the students participate in doing plays from their stories.  Grades 5 - 8 have a more challenging experience - participating in reading nonfiction articles with written/oral responses to curriculum geared questions fostering critical thinking.  We also have a Scholastic Book Fair which is held in the library twice a year, when report cards are issued.  Volumes of books ranging in genres from fiction to nonfiction with various categories along the way serve to enrich the education of our scholars.  We also promote Nutmeg Nominees for our scholars to develop a life long appreciation of reading.  This is a Connecticut based reading initiative designed for 4th - 6th and 7th - 8th graders.  Also, the promotion of research for those curious is always front and center.  The internet age has fostered informational retrieval resources at a truly fast pace.  We are dedicated to our scholars and teachers, and work hard to enrich every school day.  It's a pleasure to serve your child.



Library Media Specialist