Tuesday, May 24th, 2016
Welcome to  Literacy Enrichment/SRBI!
Media Room
Mrs. Graham

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to a new school year! Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Literacy Enrichment classes are held in the Media Room and are geared towards Comon Core aligned literacy lessons and centers, research and enrichment opportunities, as well as time on the computers for Lexia Core 5, Symphony Math, and research.  Also, once a month students in second through fifth grades will have the opportunity to check out independent reading books.

The Media Room P.B.I.S. behavior expectations are an extension of those implemented school-wide.  They involve respectful and safe entry and exit from the Media Room, correct handling of materials (books, computers, and art supplies), correct use of voice (depending on the activity), and guidelines for borrowing books.

The students are notified of the following consequences for not meeting the expectations: First offense against any rule will be a verbal warning. A second and third offense will be a phone call or email to the parent, as well as classroom teacher notification. The fourth offense will be a before or after school detention.

Students in Third through Fifth grade receive letter grades from Literacy Enrichment class, and are listed under "Media" on the progress report and report card.  These grades can have an impact as to whether or not a child will be on the Honor Roll. Based on what we are working on, some weekly grades will be based on conduct/effort/participation, while other weeks the grade might be based on written work and projects.  Most students do very well in Media, and if they have an off week, they typically work hard to get back on track during their next class.

During SRBI, I work with small groups of students in Tier 3 in grades 2 - 5 using the Wilson Reading Program  I also work with students in Kindergarten and First Grade who are in Tier 2, primarily on LEIXA, providing support on the actual literacy-based program, as well as teaching the individualized lessons in areas the child may be struggling in. 

Any student that I work with in Tier 3 during SRBI will also receive a progress report from me as we move through substeps in the Wilson Reading Program. Their progress is reviewed every six weeks during weekly SRBI team meetings as well.  At these meetings, we look at classroom progress, scores on an district assessments such as the AIMSweb Fluency Assessment, LEXIA reports and progress with whatever intervention your child may be receiving.  I am available before or after school o discuss your child's progress in SRBI, and please know that I work closely as a partner with your child's teacher to ensure his/her growth in literacy..

Thank you for your time, and have a great school year!

Mrs. Graham